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MNPS Statement on Air Quality at Bellevue Middle School

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is committed to providing students, faculty and staff with safe and secure learning and work environments. We value transparency and make every effort to provide our families with accurate and timely information.

In recent weeks, media have covered stories regarding alleged unsafe mold issues at Bellevue Middle School. These claims are unfounded. The air quality at Bellevue Middle School is safe. Specially-trained district personnel, as well as an outside environmental contractor, have confirmed that the air quality levels at Bellevue Middle School are within acceptable indoor air quality standards.

Any time a parent, faculty or staff member reports a concern about learning or work environments, the district’s Workplace Safety Office responds and investigates. Every reported concern is investigated. Once concerns were raised about the ventilation system at Bellevue, a thorough investigation took place. The air quality was tested and confirmed to be safe. Between November 2016 and April 2017, multiple air quality tests and inspections took place. And, each confirmed the initial findings – air quality levels are within acceptable indoor air quality standards.

In a few instances, specific vents required cleaning. This work was completed promptly and the air quality was re-tested. The findings affirmed the safe air quality at Bellevue Middle School.

Furthermore, additional air quality tests were performed by an outside environmental contractor. Once again, the air quality at Bellevue was confirmed to be within acceptable indoor air quality standards and safe, and the claims made about unsafe air quality due to the presence of mold were unsubstantiated.

In the past three years, the district has been asked to investigate 287 concerns relating to mold, and every one of them was investigated. Eight of the 287 required mold abatement. In these cases, MNPS works with the Metropolitan Health Department to review findings and steps taken. In most instances, MNPS cleaned and painted the vents. After the work was performed, the air quality was routinely re-tested. In every one of these instances, the air quality was confirmed to be safe.

The district’s ventilation systems are inspected on a regular basis and have routine maintenance schedules. The district is committed to keeping these systems clean and functioning to provide safe learning and work environments for students, faculty and staff.


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