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Dr. Battle Announces New Appointments Resulting from Reorganization Plan

Dr. Adrienne Battle is re-organizing the leadership structure of Metro Nashville Public Schools with a plan to streamline operations and save $1 million in next year’s budget. The reorganization has resulted in the consolidation or elimination of multiple positions and the creation of two new positions to better serve the students and staff of MNPS.

“As the district’s leader, I have to constantly be thinking about what we can do to improve upon the systems and culture in place to promote better outcomes for all,” said Dr. Battle. “The backbone of any good organization is talented people who are willing to be servant leaders and fight every day to improve the lives of those we serve.”

Chief of Student Support Services

To support the social-emotional needs of all students, Dr. Battle has chosen Dr. Michelle Springer, currently the Associate Superintendent for Middle Schools, to serve in the role of Chief of Student Support Services. In this position, which has been vacant since 2019, Dr. Springer will oversee departments and divisions related to school counseling, Community Achieves, social services, social-emotional learning, and school discipline, among others.

“In order to be effective educators, we must work to meet all the needs of our students in the classroom and beyond,” said Dr. Springer. “I’m looking forward to working with our departments and schools to continue expanding and improving our student supports to meet the unique needs of every child and improve the learning environment here at MNPS.”

Dr. Springer has 20 years of experience in education and has served MNPS in many capacities, including as a teacher, special education coach, instructional facilitator, assistant principal, principal, and principal supervisor. Prior to being appointed associate superintendent, she served as an executive director of school support and improvement in the Antioch and Cane Ridge cluster and as the interim community superintendent for the southeast quadrant.

Executive Officer – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ashford R. Hughes, Sr., will serve as the Executive Officer for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In this role, Hughes will design and implement initiatives and policies that address the academic and social and emotional needs of the many diverse populations served by the district. Hughes will work to strengthen the district’s partnerships with a broad array of organizations and individuals who serve the diverse student groups in our schools and across Davidson County. Hughes will also oversee the strategy, design, and implementation of the school choice process through a lens of equity and inclusion and will serve as a liaison to local and state stakeholders focused on issues of diversity and equity.

“As the father of an MNPS student, I have a personal investment in working with staff, partners, and families to ensure we are intentional in providing equitable outcomes and opportunities for all the children of Nashville,” said Hughes. “I look forward to bringing my experience with the Mayor’s Office and in advocating for our youth to this role in MNPS, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve with Dr. Battle and execute on her vision for a diverse and inclusive culture at every level of our district.”

A graduate of Tennessee State University, Hughes is co-founder of the Nashville division of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, an initiative launched by President Barack Obama in 2004 to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color to ensure all youth can reach their full potential.

Executive Officer – Strategic Federal, State and Philanthropic Investments

As the Executive Officer of Strategic Federal, State and Philanthropic Investments, Dr. Keri Randolph will lead a unified plan to secure more resources in support of the strategic plan to increase student achievement. Dr. Randolph previously served as the Assistant Superintendent of Innovation at the Hamilton County Department of Education and as the Vice President of Learning at the Public Education Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Most recently, she earned a Doctor of Educational Leadership degree from Harvard University.

“At a time when financial resources are scarce, we must look for every opportunity to partner with funding agencies to sustain or improve the innovative services offered by Metro Schools,” said Randolph. “I’m excited to be joining the Nashville community and look forward to working with Dr. Battle and the team at MNPS to support their work to improve the outcomes and lives of students.”

A high school science teacher for 10 years in Pittsboro, N.C., Dr. Randolph served in many science and technology roles in various educational sectors prior to attending Harvard.

Schools and Academics

Metro Schools is still in the hiring process for a Chief of Academics & Schools (CAS)*, which will combine the role of the Chief Academic Officer and four Associate Superintendents into one position. The CAS will oversee the academic and learning programs of MNPS, which include curriculum and instruction, exceptional education, English learners, athletics, and career and technical education.

This person will also be responsible for overseeing all district-run schools in MNPS except those that are under the supervision of the Office of School Innovation, led by Dr. Sharon Griffin. The CAS will supervise 12 executive directors who work daily with principals to support and advise on improving academic outcomes and workplace cultures, with three executive directors reporting to Dr. Griffin in the Office of Innovation. As part of the re-organization process, Dr. Battle has named the following individuals to fill these executive director positions for the 2020-21 school year:

  • Steve Ball, Executive Director, Early Learning Centers and Elementary Support
  • Dr. Carl Carter, Executive Director, High Schools, South
  • Dr. Celia Conley, Executive Director, Middle Schools, North
  • Dr. Lendozia Edwards, Executive Director, Schools of Innovation, Middle
  • Dr. Felicia Everson-Tuggle, Executive Director, Middle School Support and Principal Development
  • Dr. Karen Gallman, Executive Director, Montessori, Elementary Support, Principal Development
  • Dr. Natalyn Gibbs, Executive Director, Elementary Schools, Northwest
  • Dr. Craig Hammond, Executive Director, Middle Schools, South
  • Chad High, Executive Director, Elementary Schools, Southwest
  • Dr. David Kovach, Executive Director, Elementary Schools, Northeast
  • Shawn Lawrence, Executive Director, Elementary Schools, Southeast
  • Renita Forbes Perry, Executive Director, Schools of Innovation, Elementary
  • Dr. Chaerea “Chae” Snorten, Executive Director, Schools of Innovation, High Schools and Support
  • Dr. Schunn Turner, Executive Director, High Schools, North
  • Dr. James Witty, Executive Director, Non-traditional Schools, High School Support

Short bios and pictures of each executive director can be found here.

*Correction: An earlier version incorrectly stated the name as Chief of Schools & Academics.